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Friday, February 19, 2016

Case Study of AST, a Teflon Applicator

AST And PQ’s Partnership For An Equipped Industrial Oven Solution

The Intech team is proud to highlight an industrial oven success story from our vendor, Precision Quincy Ovens, an industry-leading manufacturer of industrial ovens.

AST/ACME needed new, durable industrial ovens for their latest application opportunity. After careful evaluation, AST chose Precision Quincy Ovens to meet the needs of the new project because of the design and build of the products. Through this agreement, Precision Quincy was able to provide AST with the highly intuitive, large capacity oven their new application required. With Precision Quincy, AST gained a state-of-the-art oven specifically created for their particular needs.

Precision Quincy has helped AST and its skilled employees:
  • Meet their new application needs
  • Change oven profiles quickly and easily with very low user error 
  • Avoid profiles that are too difficult to set, change, and monitor
  • Multi-task easily and without worry of improper cure
  • Save time and money
  • Produce consistent, quality parts because of consistent oven airflow and uniformity
  • Record detailed data using oven thermocouples, which enable AST to share the data to ensure customers the cure process was done correctly
  • Coat extremely large substrates, opening up many new application opportunities
  • Significantly decrease bake time by increasing ramp rate and reducing soak times
  • Record and analyze bake data to optimize all bake processes
  • Increase production and coating possibilities

Building a relationship with Precision Quincy for a new, custom, state-of-the-art industrial oven creates a long-term destination for AST’s business and provides a roadmap for moving forward, enhancing quality and growth in the industrial coating industry.

AST can protect their investment with Precision Quincy’s outstanding Preventative Maintenance service plans. These service programs are designed to suit the individual needs of any company and include emergency services and technical help. 

Click here to read the full case study. 

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