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Friday, March 11, 2016

New Industry Focus for Teflon™ Employees!

Intech Services Inc. recently restructured our Teflon Sales Team to be focused on specific industries! One sales representative each is now a specialist in the automotive, food processing, molding, and oil and gas industries. By segmenting the coatings industry, Intech Services representatives can both broaden and deepen their already extensive knowledge on how to select the best coating to maximize function and efficiency.

Our goal at Intech Services is to always further our knowledge of existing products, trends, and coating related news so that we can best serve our clients. The segmentation of industries provides additional agility to our team members in their ability to serve customer needs. While every sales representative is a specialist in his or her sector, they are all able and eager to provide any general support you may need regarding Teflon
coatings. We are happy to answer any questions on the coatings, their best uses, and coating techniques that will enhance performance and make your customers satisfied.

Should you want to find out more about Teflon finishes, here is how to get in touch with our representatives:

Chris Lord, Automotive Market Segment Leader
Office: (302) 366-8530 x 104

Cell: (302) 547-1610

Nicole McCall, Molds Market Segment Leader

Office: (302) 366-8530 x 107

Cell: (302) 420-9211

Ben Murrow Food Industry Market Segment Leader

Office: (302) 366-8530 x 127

Cell: (410) 707-8137

Mark Berry, General Industry Segment Leader

(302) 366-8530 x 132

Chris Dohl, Oil and Gas Market Segment Leader
(302) 366-8530 x 103

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