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Friday, April 8, 2016

The Intech Team's Wellness Challenge

The Intech Team is always looking for ways to support and motivate our employees to achieve better health and wellness. Our Wellness Team is back at it again this month, promoting healthy habits with a four-week fitness challenge. The friendly competition will last through the month of April and will result in not just one, but several winners who will receive cash money prizes!

Each participant contributed ten dollars to the pool at the beginning of the month. The challenge began on April 1st and urges Intech Services participants to sweat their way to a healthier lifestyle by fitting in at least 30 minutes of exercise into each day of the month.

Employees will keep track of their fitness on a star chart. Each star will be used to show that an employee worked out for at least 30 consecutive minutes on a specific date by walking, jogging, sprinting, lifting, or other activities. If the employee has 12 stars by the end of the month, he or she will win their money back. 16 stars will double the participant’s dollars. More than 20 stars will triple his or her return! So, what is there to lose (besides unhealthy habits)? The Intech Team is pumped for the double benefits of staying fit and winning prizes!

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