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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

General Market Segment Interview with Mark Berry

Mark Berry is the segment leader for Teflon™ applications in the General industry. We sat down and spoke with him about applications of Teflon finishes. Read on to find out about current and future uses of Teflon coatings in the general industry.

Q: What are the common problems within the general market segment?
Mark: There are many common issues in the general industry. Some barriers to quality results include corrosion, harsh chemical effects, high manufacturing temperatures, and over-use of petroleum-based products. Coaters and end-users strive to find materials that combat excessive corrosion, are heat and chemical resistant, and provide a dry film, non-grease, permanent solution. Repetitive, over-use of petroleum-based products calls for more manual labor and increased overall maintenance costs. For example, too often, companies repeatedly use a petroleum-based epoxy. After several instances of the chemicals eating through the epoxy, coaters search for something strong and long-lasting.

Q: How do Teflon™ coatings solve these problems?

Teflon™ finishes provide a more permanent solution for many of these challenges instead of repetitive use of low-quality solutions that work for a short time. These varied products and services fill our customers’ industrial needs and help them overcome barriers to success.

When should people use Teflon coatings in the general market segment?
Mark: Customers should use Teflon products when they are looking for a long-term solution. The use of a higher quality material, such as Teflon, yields greater value than a cheaper, short-term solution that will call for repeated application.

Q: What Teflon coating systems work best for general industry applications?
Our “one-coat” products satisfy the many coating needs of our general industry customers. These products utilize hybrid technology and have high level performance and durability characteristics.

Q: Are there new areas that could benefit from the use of Teflon products?
Mark: Much of my work involves exploring new industries and new applications for Teflon, and one of my ongoing tasks is to educate materials scientists and process engineers on the characteristics and benefits of Teflon coatings. Since these scientists and engineers are involved in industries that do not traditionally use Teflon, it is important to help them better understand how Teflon products can truly benefit their processes, save them time, and decrease their overall costs.

Q: What trade shows have you attended within the industry?
Mark: This past year I attended both the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) tradeshow as well as FABTECH, a general industry metal fabrication trade show.I am always looking for and exploring information on trade shows for industries that have not historically used Teflon. There are many trade shows that I would like to attend in the future to further the education and reach of Teflon products.

For further information on Teflon coatings in the general market segment, contact General Market Segment Leader Mark Berry at (302) 366-8530 x 132 or

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