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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Meeting Salt Spray Performance Requirements

Have you been having trouble achieving Salt Spray performance requirements? Are you unsure what to do or where to look?

Improving the process line can be confusing and complicated. Take these steps to enhance Salt Spray performance:
  1. Evaluate the process and establish if anything has changed about the incoming piece (either the incoming soil or the metal).
  2. Determine if anything has changed within the wash process (focus on the cleaning stage).
  3. Check for correct concentrations, nozzle performance and alignment, temperatures, and bath cleanliness.
  4. Make sure that the pretreatment coating is still up to the desired conditions (differences in color, blotchiness, etc.)
  5. Ensure quality of rinse water.
Many problems with Salt Spray performance can be traced back to an inefficiency of cleaning. Signs of this inefficiency are often found at the exit stage of the rinse cycle. In terms of the rinse water, the coating will be as clean as the last fluid it encountered. Rinses that are contaminated can result in salt deposits that reduce Salt Spray performance radically and interfere with the adhesion of coating.

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