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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Introducing the Real Deal Teflon™ Series

As a customer, a client, or a friend of Intech Services, you may be aware of our core values: Genuine Connection, Unique Focus, and Deliver More. These values are best shown through our ability to interact genuinely with customers, our focus on expanding and exploring new opportunities, and our success rate as Teflon™ distributors.

As distributors, we are confident in the Teflon™ brand and all that it has to offer, and are proud of our robust, committed team here at Intech. We see Teflon™ as the real deal: top quality, consistent products that are delivered on time, with ease. That's why we've created the Real Deal Teflon™ blog series. Check back on the Intech Insider each month to read about the brand’s qualities and learn about the dedication and loyalty of the Intech Services team.

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