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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The History of Teflon™: Confidence in the Chronology

It’s very clear to see the successful track record that the Teflon™ brand has held up for years. Whether you’ve just started taking advantage of the successful products, or you’ve used them since 1938 when chemist Roy Plunkett discovered them, you understand the value of their history, and the trust you have in the brand is immeasurable and irreplaceable. As “your partner in the kitchen for 50 years” or your go-to coating in an industrial facility, Teflon™ has you covered, and keeps your products long lasting and durable.

“We didn’t just invent the nonstick cookware category; we’re constantly perfecting it.” –Cookware, Chemours

As the basic technology has expanded over time, Teflon industrial coatings have continued to enhance the functional qualities in today’s high tech applications. Teflon coating’s non-stick qualities, low coefficient of friction, heat resistance, cryogenic stability, chemical resistance, non-wetting, unique electrical properties, abrasion resistance, and FDA conforming are just some of many highlights of the brand’s available products. All products have grown and evolved over time as the brand has demonstrated benefits in the following industries: aerospace, chemical, oil and gas, automotive, molds, and industrial bakeware.

“Intech and the Chemours R&D team are actively working on new coating technologies that will provide even better durability and release. We are also working on new products for areas where our coatings have not been utilized in the past.” –Nicole McCall, Molds Market Segment Leader

Not only do we have you covered, but we can even grant you certification with Teflon™ Industrial Licensing. This licensing gives companies that use Teflon™ products a matchless edge.

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