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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Straightforward Product Codes: Simplicity yet Flexibility of the Teflon™ Line

Teflon has a simple, classic product line. It doesn’t leave room for confusion, yet allows room for change and evolution. Other companies that sell industrial coatings will claim that they have the most complete line, but customers often find this false or confusing. The coding of the Teflon™ brand is straightforward and direct. Customers need not question the quality of a multitude of colors.

The Teflon™ brand colors are limited because we focus on performance and durability over appearance. The colors that we have are the best and always chosen because of their strength and effectiveness. We keep our line small because we focus on each coating, making complete assurance that no matter what a customer chooses, it will be fully functional and successful, not just decorative.

This being said, the Teflon™ line is still a robust product line of powders and liquids, leaving no coater or industry out of the loop. The line stems across all Teflon™ families as an entire array of coatings for all practices and end uses.

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